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The perfect setting to calm the mind, return to nature and focus on your mental and physical health goals. Set on a historic Casale three miles above the Adriatic Sea, everything is cozy and designed to be rustic, organic garden, pool and terrace.

Casale Colle della Corte is situated 1 km from the old village of Montepagano, 4 Km from Roseto degli Abruzzi, seaside town. It is very close also the Gran Sasso mountain (35 km), which represent one of the most beautiful place in Italy. It is a wonderful place to relax all the year: fantastic views of sea, a tour at Castelli, ceramic mecca, a wine tour with the local brands or a dinner in Montepagano with the famous chef Davide Pezzuto, or a fashion tour al Castagno Village. Very close and hardly recommended is  “Torre del Cerrano”, a fantastic paradise where the sea and the nature are blending in a beautiful and relaxing frame. The sand beach and the sea are very well kept and it is ideal for every age. Casale Colle della Corte is immersed in the green of a large garden of Mediterranean and officinal plants, willows, olive trees, fruit trees and citrus trees. The pool is surrounded by laurel plants, lavender and oleanders, is located on the highest part of the ground that surrounds the Casale, from which you have a 360 degree view. Characteristic of the Casale is the tranquility it offers and in summer the cool hillside night (600 meters above sea level). Its location allows you to have a pleasant climate and breathtaking scenery.

The rooms are self-catering units, you can bring your own shopping food or you can order one. Each apartment is  beautifully decorated with reclaimed wood, natural stones and calming colours.  Full of character original cotto floors, windows and doors are all reclaimed and handmade. All the restorations in the house has been made re-using old architectural components and colorful walls are done using a pigment in the finishing. It  has web access, terrace, double exposition, TV, air conditioning, and a stunning view. Stone and ceramic details…

Il Casale Colle della Corte è situato ad 1 Km dall’antico Borgo di Montepagano, dista circa 4 km da Roseto degli Abruzzi (sul mare), 15 km dalla città medioevale di Atri e circa 35 km dal Gran Sasso. Le città più vicine son Teramo e Pescara (a circa 30 km). Il casale immerso nel verde di un ampio giardino di piante mediterranee ed officinali, di salici, di ulivi, di alberi da frutta e di agrumi. La piscina è circondata da piante di alloro, di lavanda e da oleandri, è situata sulla parte più alta del terreno che attornia il Casale, dalla quale si ha una veduta a 360 gradi. Caratteristica del Casale è la tranquillità che offre e in estate il fresco serale di collina (600 metri sul mare). La sua posizione permette di avere un clima piacevole e un paesaggio mozzafiato. Sono disponibili tre appartamenti: azzurro (monolocale) – verde (bicamere) – giallo (monolocale).

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